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There are innumerous pages in the internet which deal with Ayurveda topics. So do we :) We try hard so that the information which is being presented on these pages is as acurate, authentic and understandable as possible. And of course we are happy about your feedback.

The page "About Ayurveda" has been structured into the following sub categories:

History & Origin: The background, history and origin of Ayurveda is not clearly known. But here is what we could find out for you.
Principles: Ayurveda mainly works on two principles: Tridosha and Rejuvenation of Ojas. This page also deals with Vata, Pitta and Kapha topics.
Dhatus: The Human physical body is composed of seven constituent elements [Sapta=seven, dhatus=elements].
They are of great importance in Ayurveda.
Ashtangas: Ayurveda has eight parts called as "Ashtangas" ("Ashta" means eight; "anga" means part). These eight parts of Ayurveda deal with different subjects.

If you were wondering, why we created this particular design for the homepage, you are welcome to know more about it, because everything has its significance:


A. He is called as “Dhanvantri”, god of Ayurveda. He emerged during Ksheera sagara madan.

B. This is the picture of Ksheera Sagara Madan, which menas churning of milk ocean.
Ksheera means milk; sagara means ocean; madan means churning.
This is described in Indian mythology. According to that, demons and gods started churning of ocean of milk to get soma [elixir]. During that procedure, so many precious things evolved. Dhanvantri, god of Ayurveda also emerged during that churning procedure.

C. They are called as Aswini devatas, who are famous for their tremendous knowledge of Ayurveda.They are called as divine healers. Myth says that these Aswini kumars taught knowledge of Ayurveda to Indra, the king of gods from Brahma [god of creation].

D. These are called as Vedas, the doctrines of higher knowledge.

E. They shall symbolize some of the saints who practiced Ayurveda in ancient times: Susruuta, Vaitarana, Bambrha, Poshka bhavara, Gopura rakshita and Karaveera

F. Sun: He is the god with positive charge. And related to Soul factor.

G. Moon: He is the god of minus charge. He is related to Mind.

H. This is called as Kama dhenu, a sacred cow.This also emerged during Ksheera sagar madana. It has no direct relation with Ayurveda. But we mentioned here because it also emerged along with Dhanvantri during Ksheera Sagara Madan.

If you are interested in more explanations, you are welcome to ask us any time. If can't find what you are looking for, just try the search on top of the page on the right hand side. If you think some information is missing, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you.