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In Ayurveda, nature plays a major role in therapy. Various healing plants, herbs, fruits and spices are used preventionally or to cure certain conditions and specific diseases. Here is a selection herbs which you can find in our herb database:

Aloe Vera Talispatra Vasaaka Vachha

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Here is a selection of the spices which you can find in our spices database:

Cloves Fenugreek Coriander Mango

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Many great recipes for health are still a secret in Ayurveda. This includes nutritional supplements, medicines as well as food recipes and simple tips for a better and healthier daily life. In the following you can find some of those recipes - you are welcome to try them out - and of course to revert back also:

Recipe 1: Description 1
Recipe 2: Description 2

If you have a recipe which you want to share and which is related to Ayurveda, please let us know.

Thank you.